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5 Reason to Learn Another Language

...specifically Japanese.

  • Japanese is a Category 4 Language. What does that mean? Category 4 is the most challenging category of languages to learn. It takes about 2200 study hours to be proficient. Kemery studied Japanese about 50% of the day for 6 years (which is over 4800 study hours) with native speakers. This allowed her to learn the appropriate pronunciation and begin to learn the nuances of the culture. After that time, she has maintained her skills through weekly tutoring, with her previous teacher, for the past 4 years. Her fluency includes writing Hiragana and Katakana. She is still learning Kanji, which takes years to learn due to its complexity.

  • Cognitive advantages that contribute to academic success. This research is abundant but you can read more about it in an article by Cornell University.

  • Learning languages makes it easier to learn more languages according to research released by Georgetown University Medical Center.

  • The ability to easily shift between tasks and to solve problems is greater in children who are bilingual, according to Highlights Magazine.

  • It's cool to have a language between siblings or friends that parents don't know. Okay, parents may not like this one but one day children will.


  • you have wondered if your child could learn another language.

  • you have wanted your child to learn another language have been concerned about the cost. Kemery made it clear that she wanted to reach as many children as possible. She wants to make learning another language accessible for children everywhere. She got together with her team to make Japanese Lunchbox an affordable learning option.

  • you have wanted your child to learn another language but cannot wrap your mind around finding time to drive to another extra-curricular activity. Being a CEO who is still in school too, Kemery understands how difficult it is to do all the activities you want without being able to drive herself. Japanese Lunchbox is broken down into short and easily accessible lessons to make learning Japanese convenient for families.

  • you have been watching Kemery Kreates via social media and have been skeptical about how well your child would learn from another child. Children learn so much from each other. No worries though. Japanese Lunchbox does not teach bad words :-)

  • you have any doubt about Kemery Kreates' ability to teach Japanese online. your child is awesome and happens to love learning!

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Kemery Oparah

CEO, Speaker, Author

Kemery Oparah

Kemery is the 11-year old CEO of Kemery Kreates, which is the business she started in January 2017 when she was 8-years old, when she, her classmates, and their families were invited to go to Japan by their teacher. Her family did not have enough money for the trip. Kemery decided to start her own business to earn money for her and her family to go on the trip. In Fall 2018, Kemery started her first online Japanese language course, Japanese Backpack. The course is geared toward the student who is committed to learning Japanese and wants to learn how to read, write and speak Japanese at a deeper level than offered with the Japanese Lunchbox Course. After hearing about the online language learning opportunities, Kemery and her family were approached multiple times with requests for programs for younger children and beginners. In May 2019, Kemery launched Japanese Lunchbox, which is a multi-faceted course designed to introduce children to the Japanese language and culture.


  • Why start now?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an eIn our school systems, most schools begin learning languages in middle and high school, which is way too late! There is research that shows children are capable of acquiring multiple languages when they start as soon as birth! As a child gets older, it becomes increasingly more challenging to learn another language. The sweet spot for learning languages closes significantly around age 9-10 years old. After that, it's not too late. It's more challenging.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Will my child be fluent in Japanese?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourseIn short, it is not likely. It takes at least 2200 dedicated study hours to gain proficiency in a category 4 language, which is the category Japanese falls in. We do aim to get children excited about learning another language by teaching basic greetings, how to use vocabulary in sentences, asking and answering basic questions, learning about the culture, and experiences that will open up a child's mind to language acquisition.

  • How long will my membership last?

    Your membership will continue monthly until you cancel. We are new to this learning platform. We currently have curriculum projected for two years. We hope to continue to add content for at least two years and hopefully beyond. We will continue to add language learning units and evaluate the effectiveness of this teaching modality. We will update you with any changes and give you at least 30 days notice prior to any changes.